Widow Jane Mine, Century House Society in Rosendale, NY

Widow Jane Mine

 The Widow Jane mine is a room and pillar natural cement mine on the property of the Century House Historical Society. This site is on the grounds of the former Jacob Snyder estate, in New York's historic hudson valley.

The society is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving the industrial history of the rosendale Natural cement region. Dietrich Werner, the museums curator graciously allowed us on the grounds to photograph and examine the mine, and also provided us with invaluable information on the regional mining history. We were invited to return and present to the society's annual meeting with great success.


if you are in the area, or are looking for an interesting and delightful attraction, you must visit the Century House museum. More information can be located at the museums website at www.centuryhouse.org

The Widow Jane mine!

Miner Bob kneels down to take a great photo.

Perfectly preserved steam boiler on the grounds.



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