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Historic discoveries were yielded in this mine research which ran throughout the month of May and June, 2008. We discovered a timbered door into the mine, for which most likely it was used to direct airflow, or to keep intruders out. We also found an intact windlass into the lower levels of the mine, and an intact stope with timbering. This slideshow offers up a  peek into a 19th century mine like no other. Enjoy.

Literature is sparse on the mines in the area of Otisville, however we our local contact Ed has provided the following references for the record:

The first is a legal notice from the New York Times Financial, February 6, 1866, Wednesday, Page 6 It reads:

   Notice: Wallkill Lead Company - The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Wallkill Lead company for the election of directors will be held at the office of the company. No. 11 Wall Street, Room No.8 on Tuesday, the 6th of February next, polls open from 1 to 3 o'clock pm. The transfer books will be closed the 3d, 4th, and the 5th prox.
Samuel M. Pond, Secretary

The second one is from The History of Orange County, 1683-1881, Volume II, E.M. Ruttenber and L.H. Clark

  The Wallkill Lead Company executed a certificate of incorporation, October 9th, 1863. The capital was stated at $500,000, divided into 100,000 shares. The trustees named were Edward A. Quintard, Leverett E. Rice, George B. Satterlee, Livingston Satterlee. This was entirely by New York men. The mines were located about 1 mile north of Guymard. Considerable money was expended. Good lead ore was found, but the company ceased to work after a few years. Rumors of renewed operations arise occasionally, and it is understood the company is still in exsistence.


Got Tailings?

Abandonemines.net Crew with Mine Vehicle Stable June 1st, 2008.

Beautiful 19th century Mine door..

The Main working stope..

Privy Man setting up a technical shot.

Bob and Ed, our local guide pose in the stope.

Still Intact! Windlass which accesses a winze!!



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