Panic Mine

The Panic Mine (many times confused with the Pikes Peak Mine) is located in Franklin NJ, not too far from where the old Franklin Furnace and Furnace mine once stood, none of which remains today (The Furnace mine is under a large memorial at the Franklin Park next to Franklin Falls. . It was called the Panic mine because it was the only mine to operate in the area during the Financial Panic which occurred during the 1873-1875 time frame.

The entire complex is just feet away from the Police Department. It is fenced in with old rusted fencing, which has corroded and is barely seen in most areas. The grounds are extensive, and consist of many pits, stopes, and shafts.

Video - Panic

Video - Inside the Panic Mine


Old Railroad Tracks lead to the base of the mine. At one time there were active steam trains here

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