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  The Peters Mine has quite a story, and it goes back before the revolutionary war. Peter Hasenclever was a German born British citizen who with the backing of the London Company, came to America to expand his wealth. One of his mines was the Peter's mine in Ringwood. This mine produced hundreds of tons of ore, and was active for the better part of the last 200 years.

  During WW2, the government took note of the mines rich ore reserves and spent millions of dollars modernizing the mine. However no actual mining took place. As part of this refurbishment, a new tunnel was cut into the mountain, and extensive ore crushing processing facilities were built.

  Unfortunately a large fire destroyed most of the buildings, and the mine now lays in ruin, with only the empty shells of its former facilities still standing.  

  The entire area of the Peters mine is under cleanup now due to paint being dumped from the Ford Mahwah plant. Today the areas residents suffer a higher occurrence of devastating diseases.  During this research, I had an opportunity to talk to the residents, whom were very nice and courteous. Some of the effects from such diseases have been things like: taking lots of medication daily, chemotherapy, breast augmentation and other necessary surgeries. 

  The area is very rich in history, but unfortunately the site is contaminated, and so are the mines. The Peters mine had more then a dozen levels of underground workings which will never be accessible again.

The pictures below are only a fraction of what the mine consisted of. More will be added as expeditions are made.


For more information on the Ringwood contamination, please visit: www.toxiclegacy.com

Thanks to Kelly for the leads on this mine. 

This tunnel was one of the largest we've seen.

A passageway appears to have been filled from above the tunnel..

An old lamp..

An ore chute!..

Ore chute..

A stuck drill bit..

Miners examining the ore chute..

At the end of the tunnel, a shaft leads up to the sky..

This large building processed the ore..

Ore crushing facilities..

The shaft from the tunnel

Looking down the shaft..

Massive hydraulics..

Yours truly and other mine researchers prepare to descend..

The remains of a conveyor system litter the floor.

The view from below..

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