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Mining was what put Franklin NJ on the map, from the early days of the Franklin Furnace, to the later days of the Palmer Zinc Mine. Franklin had about 3 scattered zinc mines all about in the late 1800's. The number of shafts, tunnels, cuts, excavations etc where too many to name. The Trotter, Parker and Palmer mines where all consolidated by the NJ Zinc company back in the early 1900's and worked from the Palmer mine area. The Mine itself was huge, and all the ore was mined until exhausted ub 1954. The grounds Boasted a rail road yard with over 6 tracks in it. a Large mill and a 1000+ foot 60 degree shaft. unfortunately all that remains is being slowly neglected. The entrances capped with impenetrable cement.


The Palmer mine during its glory..

the Palmer mine today..

Old Smoke Stacks closeup

Old transformers

Piece of an old water tower for the Steam engines

Older signal system


Miner Changehouse, delapadated

Old foundations left over

Old Rail

The Palmer Mine headframe shaft foundations

Many many miners walked through these doors

Inside the miner chnagehouse

Processing plant ruins

Trains once stood here

The capped timber shaft..

The imber shaft 1930's

The capped shaft of the palmer mine. it measures 20'x20'

Every 4th row of the brick layout faetures multi colored bricks

Old pipe that feed the showers//

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