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The Pahaquarry Mine and Old mine road's history is shrouded in mystery. Historical evidence purports that the Dutch mined the Delaware valley for Copper and shipped it to Holland by way of Old Mine Road. The 104 mile road being constructed for this purpose. If this is true, the mine will have a history spanning over 350 years. Older then any  other known mine in NJ. However, historical evidence, or lack of it will claim that this is hearsay and invalid. The only thing that is true is that mining was attempted 5 times in the hills of the Delaware Water Gap for copper. none of these attempts were ever successful. What remains today is overgrown ruins, tramways, adits and collapsed shafts. Copper ore litters the trails, rocks and surrounding trees, and what was once a busy and industriust local, is now peaceful and serene as nature begins to undo the markings of man.


Video - Pahaquarry Main Adit

The colonial Adit..

An upper area shaft. Yours truly is hidden in the photo..

An Iron wheel of some sort..

remains of the processing plplant..

The 1900's tunnel is now collapsed..

The way to the mine...

The main Adit..1900's

A Look inside..

Further p..

Caved Shaft..

Another Adit partially collapsed..

A look inside...

View from the top of the mines!

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