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Middlefield Coal Mine - Pennsylvania

The mine explorers of AbandonedMines.net are proud to present an extraordinary view of 20th century coal mining. ABM brings to the public a never before seen coal mine in the middle-field anthracite deposits of Pennsylvania. A great deal of time and effort was undertaken by the crew to locate this mine.

Due to the dangers inherent in coal mines, the historic name will be withheld at this time.


a counterweight car
Bob and Chris stand by a counterweight car
a gangway
A gangway
a mule way
A mule way
ABM in PA Coal
ABM ready for the shift!
Coal mine shaft landing
Coal mine shaft landing
Electric Locomotives
Electric Locomotives
Privy Man runs the hoists with a smile!
looking up the shaft from within the mine
Looking up the shaft from within the mine
mine entrance
The mine entrance
shaft landing
A shaft landing
the way to the pump rooms
Rails line the way to the pump rooms
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