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  The Morehead mine is an iron mine in Sterling Forest NY. The mine started in the late 1800's and closed before 1880. More information to be provided.

  Thanks to Miner Chris for leading me to this mine. Upon arrival, the mine size was quite impressive.  I would estimate that at least 40,000 tons of ore was mined. The mine consisted of an open cut, about 30-35 feet wide, and 100 feet deep. The workings have been eroded over the last 100 years, and some areas are collapsing.  In some sections, the workings go underground, and one particular area has a spectacular ore pillar left to prop the hanging wall. The workings continue underground for about another 100 feet. In the underground workings, there were numerous shafts up to the surface which have been capped.  The cap consists of a cement and country rock mixture. I would estimate this cap to be from early 1900's. Above the capped shafts, is a forest with no evidence of what lies beneath.

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Miner Dan peers into the stope entrance..

Chris looks down into the deep shaft..

A collapse has occured.

Standing on 120 years of soil erosion..

Our gear..

Top of ore pillar..

Ore pillar

The underground stope continues for 100 feet.



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