Charlotte Mine

The The Charlotte Mine is a Uranium Mine in Byram NJ. Uranium is located in isolated spots in NJ, and in this area, there was a rather large mining operation. Over 95 tons of it was mined at this location. the main adit into the mine now appears to be collapsed, but there is another prospect area and a 25 foot shaft which is grated.

Thanks to Lee Corbin, We were able to obtain photos of the Charlotte mine 36 years ago (1969). The mine was drastically different then what it appears as today. All the wood supports and machinery are gone, the main adit has been backfilled, the hoisting entrance was covered and there was tracks leading into the mine. 

We will be returning to the site to get better before and after pictures..

Charlotte Mine in 1969

You can make out tracks here..

Looking out..

A view of the mine grounds

A miner back then..

The main Adit