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This is part one of many, of our investigation of the Rosendale Cement mines in NY State. These mines are the largest we have been to, exceeding the size of all previous journeys. SO our visit on September 14th began with the La Favre Falls Cement Mine. This mine featured beautiful 70 degree stopes with 20 foot wide pillars.

The second visit of the day was to the Laurence Cement Mine, with over 1 mile of underground cavities. The mine was so large, that after a few hours inside, we were not even close to seeing it all.

More to come!

Laurence Mine

Miners on multiple levels within the Laurence Mine

The mystery and beauty of the Laurence Mine...

La Fevre Falls Mine

The mysterious mine entrance continually exhales lareg and furious amounts of air!

Peering inside...

An old rivited boiler!

Miner Dan in the Cement mine

Tramway!,1 of many..

Another adit is located 1000 feet in! Where does it lead? (i cant say)


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