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The Cascade Mine is named after the cascading waterfalls just feet away. They provided a soothing atmosphere to the almost rain forest-like mine area. The mine is over 150 years old, and has many pits, shafts, cuts, and underground workings. It is situated off of the beautifully laid out Sussex Branch RR trail in Byram and only only a few hundred feet from the Silver mine. 

2 trips were made to cover this mine, the grounds and work were very extensive, everywhere you looked there was tailing piles and shafts. The mine must have employed many dozens of men, tramways, hoisting contraptions etc. What was once an industrial venture is now almost reclaimed by the forest. 


The way to the mine is through the Sussex Branch RR trail..

A shaaft..

The underground workings..

General area overview..

The cascading waterfalls provided a soothing feeling atmosphere

Sussex Branch RR Milestone..




Deep water shaft

Water filled shaft

A dangerous shaft partly covered with timber..

A Snake eating a poor bird.


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