Andover Mine

The Andover Mine was well worked, yielding between 200-400k tons of Ore in its lifetime. The mine was mined for both hematite and magnetite, however many other minerals were found there, including zinc and copper. The mine was opened before the revolutionary war, and closed 1863. During its time, ore was taken to the Andover furnace where it was smelted and used to supply the army with shot and ordinance.

Walking the grounds, you can close your eyes and picture a large 18th century operation. How many men were working, what kind of sounds were there, where did the workers come from, what kind of lighting did they use, how did they keep the water out. Just imagine if it were possible, what it would be like to find people from that time and to hear the stories they would have. The Andover mine was large indeed, the town being named after the mine, not voce versa.

Today the grounds are morphing back to what they were originally. The exposed rock surfaces have weathered, every nook and cranny has foliage growing out of it. The Andover mine slowly hides its secrets and erases its memory from the present.

The andover mine back in its heyday

The Andover Mine today..

Under ground workings in the Andover Mine..


Inner workings

Old Iron Hoisting hook?

The Mine is quite large..

This under ground stope cavity went down 70 feet and over 100 feet long.

Aire shaft?

anybody there??!

looks like the mountain's eyes

tracks once ran here..

Drilled Rock

Very large and deep pit. Over 80 feet deep.. I stayed clear. Part of the Sulpher Hill Mine


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