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The Weldon mines are a string of shafts and open cut workings along Weldon road in Jefferson, NJ. The shafts are generally filled with water at most times, but begin to show their secrets after during dry spells. Our visit was in the summer of 2007 and we were able to find many different remnants of the Weldon mining history. The tailings pile next to the main shafts were quite substantial.

  The Weldon Mines operated from the early 18th century up until early 1900's. The deepest workings were listed at 300 feet deep. The ore vein dipper 50-75degrees and was about 5-7 feet wide.

  Today the Weldon Mines are home to a diverse wildlife ecology. Smaller rodents were seen living between the tumbled rocks in the shafts, and a larger animal quite possibly a bear, was using one of the short adits as its primary residence.

Lack of rain has shown us this old road..

A mysterious mine shaft..

Timbers support the hanging wall...

Foundation Remains..

An impressive working..

bob thhinks twice about entering..

Old Barbed Wires..




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