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The Hope Mine is one of the oldest mines in the state, going back to before the
revolutionary way. The mine appearance is incredible, the mine shaft is eerie and appears like an evil mouth gaping open from the earth. The shaft in the pictures is very large, so large in fact a truck could just about fit down that hole. No records exist of this mine.

The journey to the mine was done in September, the journey should not be done alone, you have to go over some wetlands, and bear country. I saw bear footprints all over the place.

There is a story by Ed Lenik, a respected historian about his trip to this mine shaft. He apparently saw the ghost of a former miner wallowing in the shaft. He also heard groans.

During my trip i did a very short video clip of the mine, and then I was out, I felt very uncomfortable, If you listen to my video clip you will hear what appear to be sounds of hammering iron and eerie booms.

Check it out, skeptic or not, can you hear what sounds like hammering and the workings in the mine? it defies explanation, as the area itself is ex remote.

Hope Mine Video..


Sept 2004 Visit

Dec 2006 Visit



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