ABM Logo Hibernia Mine in Rockaway, NJ

The Hibernia Mine was one of the largest mines in NJ. It was comprised of many smaller mines, all being linked and accessed through a 4000 foot plus adit. If your deathly afraid of bats then you should stay clear of this mine. You certainly wouldnt want to lose your favorite hat, cherished tungsten rings or pair of expensive sun glasses and then having to go back in looking for them. I

The adit was so large that it needed a locomotive in order for the ore transport to be economical. This was handled by the Hibernia Underground railway, the only incorporated mine railway in NJ.

Approaching the mine was interesting, about 200 feet from it, you cal already start to feel a cold draft in the area. once near the mine, the velocity and mass of air coming out of it is astonishing. . We arrived in early August 2005 and we were thinking of putting on a long sleeved sweater.

The Hibernia mine is know throughout the northeast not for its rich history, but for it being one of the most important bat hibernaculum around. it is home to an estimated 30,000 bats.

The last 80 years, the mine has sat idle. Despite being vandalized, walled up, sealed, reopened, cemented shut, and dynamited Hibernia's final status appears to be solidified as a bat home for the rest of its days.


The Hibernia Mine in 1860's

The Hibernia Mine in 2005


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