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The Edison mine was owned by Thomas Alva Edison. Many people didn't know he had a very large and extensive mine operation called the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works in Sparta NJ. The Mine complex was so large in the late 1800's, that at its height Edison employed over 500 workers.  The mine almost broke Edison, however he somehow managed to break even in the end be recovering his cost in ingenious ways. Edison had over 2 million of his own dollars in the mine during the 1800's and was one of the first places in the world to provide electricity for the miners homes!

Before Edison brought out the entire area, over 5 independent mine companies extracted ore from the earth here. They were called the Victor Mine, Roberts/Pardee Mine, Old Ogden Mine, Davenport Mine, Knoll mine and the Vulcan Mine. Most of the shafts have collapsed, were filled with sand, or are water filled, as mining on this scale has been replaced by far larger operations, much in the same way recent years have brought a wealth of cheap flights instead of expensive journeys through the air. There are numerous big cuts, including the famous "Horseshoe cut". There are also a few small adits stored away in well hidden location.

Rodney Johnson is  the author of  "Thomas Edisons Ogden Baby". The complete story of the Edison Mines and the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works. The book features overlay Maps with locations of the original structures, many photographs, research and in an in depth look into the Mines of Edison not found anywhere else.

        More on his book is available at Rodney's Website at www.map-maker.net

Video - Inside the Edison Mines


The Knoll Mine

The Old Ogden Mine Railroad which served the Edison Mine Complex

An adit

veritcal Shaft of the Knoll Mine

Looking out of the knoll Mine

This small shaft went down about 25 feet.

The hidden adit in the edison mines..

The old man inside the Tunnel

Ruins of the complex are scattered about

This mine was measured with sonar and had a depth of 89 feet.

Roberts Mine - The Pardee Shaft - this shaft goes down over 300 feet!

This mine is almost completely flooded

The Vulcan Mine remains apppear to have been ccompletely obliterated, except for this largepile of tailings.

The Victor mine was flooded during my visit, if your lucky, you can see it with the water subsided, featuring timbers and stopes.



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